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In 1874, Gerrit Vegter (8 February 1844 – 23 January 1901) established himself at the Sluiskade (lock wharf), Hoogezand. There was a lock in Winschoterdiep, which connected the peat colonies to Groningen, there. Around this lock a Marketplace appeared, because this was one of the few places where people disembarked their ships for groceries. People could go to Gerrit for bread, biscuits and confectionary, furthermore there were grocer’s, hairdressers, greengrocer’s and such.



In 1901 Gerrit died unexpectedly and his son Jacobus Vegter (20 December 1872 – 29 December 1955) took over. He expanded by employing hawkers to peddle his growing bread assortment. He held the ropes until 1928, when his eldest took over. His name was Gerrit Vegter (11 October 1900 – 1 March 1984) and under his control the first wafer baking machine was placed, to meet growing expectations.
In 1968 his son Jacobus Vegter. He wanted a machine that could roll up wafers, without the help of a baker. He had to invent and develop this himself partially. Paired up with some machine builders, he completed his vision. These principles are still in use.
Gerrit Vegter took over form his father in 1996. He had been officially working there since 1979 and introduced computers. Then in 1980, the administration was completely automised.


From left to right: Gerrit, Jacobus and Gerrit Vegter

Much has changed since 1874: that segment of the  Winschoterdiep has been filled up, the counter is gone, bread has been discontinued, many ovens have come and gone, and processes have been automated. However, the Rolls and Wafers still taste the same.

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