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Vegter’s story

Banketfabriek Jac. Vegter B.V. has been established since 1874 at 20 Sluiskade (lock wharf), Hoogezand. This location was convenient because of its close proximity to the Winschoterdiep, a canal connecting the different peat colonies with Groningen. A marketplace formed around the lock because this was one of the few places where people disembarked to purchase their groceries.


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The origin of Vegter’s Rolls

The tradition of serving rolls and wafers to guests around New Year is one which has been around for centuries in the North of the Netherlands. Traditionally, the wafers were made with a wafer iron in an open fire or stove. The wafers were then quickly rolled up on the back of a large wooden spoon, or they remained in their flat forms, depending on whether you wanted rolls or wafers respectively.


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